Art and pastries: two of my favorite things. But why should they need to be mentioned as separate?

Because they really needn’t be!

Take a look at this poster, “Baklawa & Halawa” by Beirut designer Joumana Medlej, to see what I mean. The poster includes a whopping 42 delicious-looking pastries, all of which can be found in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

The poster exists in both English and Arabic, appealing to Western and Arabic audiences – but really, is any language necessary when you see such amazing looking pastries?

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have this on my wall (and try all the pastries)!

Via Emans Design & Inspiration.

And the fact that Lebanese designers make pastries into art not only shows how important delicious food is in Lebanese culture, but it is also a clear indicator that Lebanon is where I really belong!