What better way to kick off ice cream Wednesday than with some delicious Turkish ice cream, Dondurma?

Dondurma is a chewy and stretchy form of ice cream, made from milk and salep (powdered orchid bulbs). How do they make it? Check out this video to find out!


And I have great news: Dondurma is no longer a secret, kept in all its deliciousness to just the population of Turkey. In fact, it is quite the opposite! These days, you will often find men selling and entertaining tourists with their Dondurma in the busy streets of Istanbul, and even in the Istanbul airport! Its reputation has reached every corner of the world, and people travel near and far for a taste of this stretchy ice cream.

While it has become a popular tourist attraction in many of Turkey’s major cities, the making of Dondurma remains an art form and a hugely appreciated part of the Turkish cuisine.


Thank you TURKEY for bringing this deliciousness to our lives!