Have you ever heard a song by Saad Lamjarred, the Moroccan finalist in the Arabic singing show SuperStar (2007)?


What about any songs by Saad Lamjarred, the singer from Rabat whose music video “Lm3allem” summoned over 40 million views in just one month? And whose song, “Mal Hbibi Malo”, has over 70 million views on YouTube?

Still no? Then don’t miss this chance!

The music (and the music videos!) are incredibly colorful, the dance moves super cool, and the tunes dangerously catchy. Saad mixes the typical traits of his Western counterparts’ music videos (such as flashy sunglasses, expensive cars and attractive women) with numerous Moroccan cultural references, such as the Moroccan Fez and background settings, putting modern Morocco on the map.

The music videos are very entertaining, and I promise that your life will never be complete without watching them!


Lm3allem (The boss)


Mal Hbibi Malo (What’s wrong with my baby)


Thank you MOROCCO!