Stockholm is melting. I swear, it is. It’s almost 20 degrees Celsius, and we are melting. The streets are crowded with annoyed, sweaty Stockholmers, and the city is  practically oozing of Nordic heat-related anger.

This is, of course, not helped by the fact that the buses are unusually crowded around vacation times (and Swedes resent anyone standing too close to them – personal space, hello?). Needless to say, we are all desperately longing for something to cool us down and put an end to our summer agony.

What about ice cream, you said? It’s cold! And it is Wednesday after all!

Yes, please give us ice cream! But not that fluffy Ben & Jerry’s stuff, no, we want something creamier, even colder, and more delicious than that…

Ice cream Wednesday presents to you: the magical Kulfi. Kulfi, the milk based, chewy, creamy, many-hour-simmered and flavorful ice cream. Kulfi, the glorious South Asian ice cream. Now doesn’t that sound like something that would bring joy to any hot summer day?

Via Flickr: Jason Lam.

The picture above is of a mango flavored kulfi (because I love mango), but fret not – the kulfi comes in many flavors, promising to please any tastebud. Some popular ones include mango, cardamom, pistachio, saffron, rose and cream.

Via Flickr: John Fladd.
Via Flickr: s4’s world.

Kulfi exists all over South Asia and the Middle East, but originated in India and Pakistan. Below, you can see an image of an Indian snack menu, kulfis included.

Via Flickr: Amit Gupta.

Now, if you are like me and live in a place where kulfi is not widely available, I encourage you to make your own! It is guaranteed to make your summer days much happier, especially if you are as heat intolerant as us Swedes.

Here’s how you can learn to make your own kulfi:

Check out this article on the Guardian for a nice kulfi recipe. And for a more visual form, check out this video about mango kulfi!