Happy Ramadan/Ramazan to all those who celebrate! And to all those who don’t, you are now in for a treat. Because did you know that some of the world’s most delicious food is served at Iftar during Ramadan?


No? Then take a look at these examples!


Bolani – Afghanistan 

Delicious fried dough filled with spinach and potatoes.

Via Phoenix New Times


Kousa Mahshi – Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq 

Buttery squash or zucchini stuffed with rice (and sometimes meat). Yum.

Via MenDaily.com

Peyaji – Bangladesh 

Onion Pakoras ❤

Via A Homemaker’s Diary

Amar al-Deen – Middle East 

Apricot juice with rose water. I would drink this any day.

Via Wandering Spice

Kabsa – Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan 

Spiced rice dish cooked with tender chicken or lamb. Mouthwatering.

Via Hotel Delicia

Zolbia & Bamieh – Iran 

Iranian donuts, made from fried dough (need I say more?).

Via Flickr: Hamed Saber

Harira – Morocco

Tomato and lentil soup. Containing all the amazing Moroccan spices.

Via Flickr: George Wellesley & Bonita Dannelle


Ramazan Pidesi – Turkey

Glorious Turkish pita bread. 

Via Degisen Kocaeli

Fruits – Everywhere

All the fruits! Watermelon, mango, pomegranate, peaches, apricots…

Via Flickr: Harsha K R

Food is of crucial importance to Ramadan, not only because of fasting, but also because of the celebrations. The celebration every night when you break your fast to have Iftar, and the celebration at Eid at the end of Ramadan – both centered around food. And of course, around bringing family and friends together at the table.

If you don’t celebrate Ramadan, then if for no other reason, remember it for its delicious foods!