People say that there is no better way to break stereotypes than to see and experience the culture first hand. Trying the foods, walking the streets, learning the language, meeting the people. But the issue is: what do I do if I can’t travel there? How can I experience a culture from afar?

Well, I thought. Where do I usually turn to when I want to see something that I can’t experience or accomplish myself (be it traveling, cooking, or other things)?

Aha, to Instagram!

That is why I would like to share some Instagram accounts that will not only allow you to virtually travel to another country, but also to experience and see the beauty in the every day life in those countries.

Check them out!

1. The Lebanese Foodies. Life in any country is naturally centered around one thing: delicious food. Lebanon is no different, and this account (with almost 19k followers) does a great job tempting any hungry mind, while showing off the trends in food and restaurants in Lebanon.

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday! ☀️ Credits to @thelebaneseplate

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2. Hadia Ghaleb. A fashion designer from Egypt, showing off photos of her collections (with magnificent Egyptian backgrounds), work out looks, and more! Representing the modern face of Egypt, Hadia shows off the strong and independent Egyptian woman. And what’s more, her account has over 93k followers!


3. Everyday Iran. Any countryman loves to share the positive and beautiful sides of his country, and Iranians are no different! This account tells the stories of people in Iran, often with beautiful backgrounds and details of the country. This account has over 65k followers and features photos by various photographers from all over the country.


4. Live Love Beirut. For all those looking for some real travel inspiration and scenery from Lebanon, this is the right account! Join the 119k other followers and scroll through all the beautiful images, showcasing the lives of the young in Beirut.

One Thousand and One Nights by @christian_ghammachi #RamadanKareem #livelovebeirut

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5. Natural Bangladesh. Photos by people from all over the country showing off the food, streets, and culture in Bangladesh. Travel lust = maximum after looking through these posts!