Do you every worry about not being able to finish your ice cream before it melts? I know I do. It is always a huge stress factor for me – imagine losing all that deliciousness to the rays of the sun! Heart-breaking.

But do not fret! There is a solution to this problem.

What is it, you ask?

It is simple! You can choose to eat Booza, the slow-melting Arabic ice cream!

Although this yummy ice cream also exists in Lebanon and Israel, it was really put on the map by the famous Damascene food and ice cream shop Bakdash, founded in Old Damascus, Syria (now located in Amman, Jordan).

Much like the Turkish Dondurma, Booza contains salep (ground orchid pulps), giving it an elastic texture and higher temperature tolerance. The ice cream is beaten into shape by the shopkeeper, and decorated and stuffed with lots of chopped pistachios. And of course, is absolutely delicious. It is a popular treat across the Middle East, not only because of its high temperature tolerance, but also because of its traditional Middle Eastern flavors.

Feeling tempted? Then also check out this video by Skiz Fernando to learn more about the magical Booza at Bakdash.