Remember the incredible Instagram account, Everyday Iran? Turns out, they could make an Instagram account just for all the delicious fruits in Iran!

I personally love fruits. Problem is, Sweden is not exactly the best place to find fresh or local samples (only potatoes really grow here). So when I go abroad, especially to warmer places, I take great pleasure in trying their fruits. And fruit juices. And fruit desserts. All of which, contrary to what I am used to, seem to be grown locally and be served completely fresh.

As one might expect, fruits are a crucial part of any Iranian’s life. They are not only eaten as dessert or snacks, but are also frequently consumed in the form of fruit juices and shakes (pomegranate juice, yes!), and integrated as a part of the Iranian cuisine. Apricots, plums, quince, dates, prunes, pomegranates, and many more are often included in Iranian dishes and stews, adding a sweet taste to the otherwise salty dishes. Food is important to any culture, and Iran is certainly no exception!

To make you even more jealous, here are some examples of perfectly delicious fruits that the people of Iran get to enjoy… Every day!

Watermelons (floating ones too).


Pears. In masses.

Gardeners sitting on a piece of cloth, packaging up their crop of pears in a garden located in #Ferdowsieh, #Shahriar. Shahriar used to hold the first rank of producing agricultural commodities in #Tehran province; however, the growing shortage of water and new illegal constructions caused this city’s agriculture serious harm. #Iran. Photo by @saber7 #everydayiran باغدران روی زیراندازی نشسته‌اند و محصول گلابی خود را بسته‌بندی می‌کنند. گرچه #شهریار دارای رتبه‌ی اول تولید محصولات کشاورزی در استان #تهران بوده است، اما کمبود منابع آبی و ساخت‌و‌سازهای غیرقانونی آسیب‌هایی جدی به کشاورزی این منطقه وارد آورده است. #ایران.

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MORE pomegranates.


Pomegranates AND watermelons… Ah! ❤


Fruit stands with every yummy fruit imaginable.


Every. Fruit. Imaginable.


So now… Let’s all move to Iran?