When I studied in Italy, my art history teacher used to say “Basta stop”. Basta meaning stop in Italian.

She would put the two together, we assumed, to emphasize the importance of stopping. She would tell us to basta stop our whispering in the classroom, to basta stop our gelato eating in the museums, to basta stop whatever we were doing.

But what I have realized is that there is no amount of “Basta stop” that could ever stop me from eating ice cream. Especially not Bastani (Akbar Mashti), Iranian ice cream.

This saffron flavored ice cream, made from traditional Iranian ingredients, such as vanilla, pistachios, saffron, sugar, eggs, milk, rose water, and sometimes salep, is absolutely delicious in every way. A little more spicy than Swedish ice cream, a little more flaky and creamy, and a little more tasty.

Never tried it? Now is the time! I promise that you will never be able to basta stop.

Want to learn how to make Bastani? Check out this video by Aashpazi!

Thank you Iran for bringing us this ice cream!