You don’t want to travel to Iran you said? Ah, well think again.

Here are 15 reasons why you will want travel to Iran now – displayed through the eyes of Instagram.

1. There is beautiful nature.


2. The nights are beautiful.


3. The buildings are beautiful.


4. Very beautiful.

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5. REALLY beautiful.


6. Even the winters are beautiful!

Repost from @keepingitradd. First snow!! Love it!!!

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7. There is amazing food.


8. And bread.


9. And tea!


10. Not to mention the sweets.


11. AND, great music.


12. The. Fashion.


13. ALL the fashion!


14. The smiles.


15. And of course, there are giraffe shaped balloons!


Thank you This is Iran, Beautiful IranAwesome Iran, Iran Music and TheTehranTimes for changing our minds!