Do you love cooking spicy, colorful dishes? So does Iranian-born chef Ariana Bundy!

Via Ariana Bundy Facebook page.


Originally from Tehran, this TV chef and cookbook author now lives in Dubai and and recently hosted the Nat Geo People cooking show “Ariana’s Persian Kitchen”. In the show, Ariana travels across Iran to explore the tastes, sites and traditions of the country, with the hope to show off the beauty of her homeland and its kitchen to the rest of the world. She explores everything that Iran has to offer, from the vibrant colors of fresh fruits and the salty tastes of home cooked breads, to saffron spiced rice, rich meat dishes and bitter teas – all with the colorful backgrounds of modern Iran.

And fret not! Ariana also gives you the opportunity to learn how to cook the dishes yourself with recipes and and cooking snippets from her kitchen.

Plus, if you are really curious about the Persian art of cooking, you should check out her bestselling cookbook! In “Pomegranates and roses”, Ariana shares Persian family recipes through detailed descriptions and stunningly beautiful pictures, tempting any reader to swap their boring everyday dishes for her flavorful Persian alternatives!

Via TheTehranTimes.
Via TheTehranTimes.

Thank you Ariana Bundy for bringing Persian food to the world!