It is in times of need that we need amazing and generous initiatives from major social influencers, and today Uber Beirut showed that they are a force to be reckoned with.

After a long garbage collecting crisis in the city, the transportation app Uber is now launching their #UberRECYCLE campaign to help avert the situation.

Via Live Love Beirut.


Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Uber Beirut will be sending out UberRECYCLE vans to collect trash for free from its app users. The only condition: that the trash is sorted and bagged. Uber and their partner arcenciel will take care of the rest!

Via Live Love Beirut.

The app campaign was announced earlier today by the Uber Beirut team on social media, and immediately received positive responses and praise.

The project is launched with the support of social media project Live Love Beirut and local Advanced Car Rentals. There have already been several initiatives launched to raise awareness for the crisis, such as the recent “hit-the-trash-can” online game Zbala Saraya. However, there are high hopes that Uber’s week-long campaign will not only bring more attention to the issue, but also encourage more hands-on initiatives from the Beirutis!

For information on times and exact sorting and bagging procedures, visit Uber’s Newsroom.

Sort your trash tonight Uber users of Beirut, and make sure to request the UberRECYCLE vans tomorrow!