This is a video devoted to showing the beauty of Cairo in every element of the city; from the lit lanterns and magic evening atmosphere, to the reflections in puddles of water and clothes hung to dry outside a window.

In every clip of the video, we see a city of vivid colors, spirituality, affection and motion. We see a city of food, smiling faces and friendship. We see a city of people, everyday lives, and cultural uniqueness.
Together with the dramatic rhythms of the music, the viewer is left mesmerized by the city and all its details. This video will not only leave you with a wider impression of Cairo, but also with a desperate longing to visit and experience Egypt (and goosebumps!).


Music Track: Egyptian Project – Album “Ya Amar”

Music Director & Composer: Jérôme Ettinger

Singer and Kawala: Sayed Emam

Violin: Salama Metwally

Percussions: Ragab Sadek

Drum: Carlos Robles Arenas

Cello: Camille Momper

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