The glory of food and all its colors, flavors and smells should be remembered and appreciated every day, and without discrimination.

From Shor nakhod (sour chickpeas), Kabuli Palaw (rice dish), mantu (dumplings), and ash soup (spinach and spaghetti soup) to okra, eggplant, apricots, chicken Korma and beans – let us celebrate (and eat) it all!

Photo credit: Abuzar Royesh

(Top right to left: Kabuli Palaw, chicken corn coup, Shor Nakhood, apricots, Ash soup, yogurt rice watermelon okra, dried fruits, Manto, Kabuli Palaw with fries and fried egg plant and chicken Korma, Kabuli Palaw, fried chicken, beans)

Recipes for many of these dishes to come later on the blog!