The soda brands are on fire with their commercials this summer – and the latest launch is a new style of drinking containers by 7Up. Here’s your chance to drink from vintage styled soda cans!

The soda brand 7Up launched their #OriginalSpotting (or #‏إعملها_بطريقتك‬) campaign earlier this summer. The purpose: to spread and encourage individual creativity and positivity. Besides being used as a tool for marketing, the hashtag #OriginalSpotting presented a platform for people to share their individual talents and passions – an initiative that was particularly appreciated by people in countries across the Middle East, where innovative approaches often are not globally recognized or supported.

And now that the company is also celebrating their 85th anniversary (aka 85 years of creativity and originality), the campaign just got even better! Because now you can drink your 7Up from one of six colorful retro cans, each inspired and named after a decade between 1930 and 1990.

Pick and choose between the “Swell” of the 1930s, the “Dude!” of the 1960s, the “Da Bomb!” of the 1990s, or one of the other fun cans designed according to the trends and slang of their respective decades.


TIP: To enter into a contest to win cool vintage prices, check out 7Up Egypt’s Facebook page! Remember that you need to have collected all 6 cans (and proven this with a photo with the hashtag #six7ups) to enter in the contest. Time to start collecting!


I’m in love this positive and colorful campaign!