Do you love frozen yogurt? Of course you do! And I am happy to let you know that you are not alone. In fact, fro-yo has become increasingly popular across the globe, and now exists in most countries and in all corners of the world. Here are some classic fro-yo chains that are also super popular in the Middle East!

Snog (Doha, Qatar)

This British fro-yo chain serves the healthiest frozen yogurt imaginable! Instead of using sugar, Snog uses agave nectars to sweeten the delicious fro-yo flavors and skim milk to produce the yogurt base – all organic, of course. Don’t miss their cooling green tea flavor!

For more details, visit their Facebook page or explore their hashtag, #ifancyasnog!


Menchie’s (Amman, Jordan)

With all (really, ALL!) types of flavors and toppings available and adorable spoons to eat with, it is no wonder that this American fro-yo chain has been a huge success in Amman. Don’t miss the lychee berries and bursting bobas when you add your toppings!

Explore more toppings on their Facebook page and through the hashtag #menchiesJO! 


Yeh Frozen Yogurt Cafe (Beirut, Lebanon)

This originally Canadian frozen yogurt cafe serves not only many amazing flavors of fro-yo – but also many other fantastic desserts. After you’ve had your original tart topped off with healthy fruits, dig into one of their enormous pancake servings! This is what I call fro-yo and then some!

Like them on Facebook here for more menu options!


What is your favorite fro-yo place? Which one is missing from this list? Let me know!