Istanbul is the home to thousands (if not millions) of cats, seagulls, and fishermen. Cats sneak around virtually every corner of the city, and it is impossible to cross any of the bridges without noticing the large numbers of fishing rods or the seagulls circling above them.

When you walk around the city, you will notice endless parades of street food, cups of bitter tea, and shops with Turkish delight. You will feel the grandeur and history from former empires – in the crazily slanted slopes, in the aged cobblestones and in the impressive, grey architecture. You will hear the interwoven sounds of street musicians – every night. Classical Turkish and modern Western songs, solo performers and groups, young and old. You will find colors in all aspects around you – in the baklava and lokum, in the balloon games, in the lanterns, in the graffiti.

Strolling along the harbor, you will witness foggy but glistering, magical sunsets.  And later at night, enjoy the liveliness of the Bosphorus, Gülhane Park, and Taksim. You will discover rich and mixed cultures from all corners of the world – in the food, in the fashion, and in the language.

A short story of how I fell in love with Istanbul.



Photos taken by me.