When you need help choosing a restaurant, what do you usually look for? Descriptions, reviews, menu recommendations and photos are the most common answers. Specialized websites are always available, but when you travel to a big city where a local’s opinion would be valuable, why not look for these Instagram?

Istanbul is a magical city, not only because of its historical heritage and majestic sunsets – but also because of its food and cultural mixes. The Turkish cuisine is known across the world for its rich and flavorful mixes of spices and tender grilled meats, and the Istanbul cuisine is no different than its bigger brother. But what is so special about Istanbul is the variety and mixes that it offers. With a population of roughly 14 million, a steady flow of immigration, and an area of over 5,000 km², Istanbul’s endless streets and winding alleys make for the perfect environment to explore all types of food and cuisines.

Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Italian, German, Indian, Chinese or Thai. When you visit Istanbul, the issue will never be to find food, or to find the type of food that you are looking for. Rather, the issue will be to pick among the infinite number of restaurants available. That is why it might be useful to employ a guide before you dive into the exciting food scene in the city.

And that is where Instagram comes in.

With photos, comments and short descriptions, this social media giant makes for the perfect platform to explore and discover restaurants in an unfamiliar city. And the best thing is, you can choose to only follow the locally based accounts – an asset that is not as easily available on common restaurant review websites. Instead of digging through a long list of foreign reviewers, follow the footsteps of the local connoisseurs to find the city’s food gems.

Here are three examples of Instagram accounts that are worth investigating during your trip to Istanbul!

Istanbul Food

Founded by professional foodie and entrepreneur Tuba Şatana, this account is an offshoot of her website and shows everything from restaurant recommendations to recipes and selected chefs. Although other cuisines are featured, Tuba focuses her recommendations on Turkish food.


Istanbul Food Guide

This is the account to turn to for all food and restaurant types. Looking for takeout sushi or the best cup of Turkish coffee? You will find them both on this account.


Istanbul on Food

This account is perfect for those who are looking for extra guidance in the city’s restaurant jungle, because Istanbul on Food offers guided culinary walking tours! Find a tour on their website or get inspired by photos from old tours on the Instagram account.


Do you know of any fun Instagram accounts that explore the food scenes of a Middle Eastern or South Asian city? Let me know!