Turkey is a Mecca for Indie music fans. Bands inspired by folk rock, shoegaze, Indie rock and pop flourish here, and there are hidden gems to be discovered in each Turkish city. From the crowded rock bars in Ankara to the outdoor festivals of Istanbul, Turkey offers all the scenes that a music enthusiast could ever dream of. Here are four bands and singers that will take you on a journey through Turkey and its Indie music scenes.

The Away Days

This shoegaze band from Istanbul, and has performed at several international music festivals since their debut in 2012. Their sound is dreamy and smooth, but their music videos are often dramatic, frequently set with a background of a mysterious Istanbul.

Check out their 2014 hit “Best rebellious”.


Mabel Matiz

The Mersin born Mabel Matiz is known for his pop-y songs and alternative music videos, and has released three albums since the start of his career in 2008. His latest album, Gök Nerde, received a lot of attention when it was released, and the singles from the album have accumulated millions of views on YouTube.

Listen to “Sarışın”, the most played song from his latest album.



Gece is one of the most popular Indie rock bands from Ankara. The band and their prominent electric guitar sound made themselves popular through performances at Ankara bars and schools in the early 2000s, and enjoy a wide fan base since they were signed by Sony Music in 2010.

Don’t miss their 2014 hit “Bomonti Sokakları”.



This folk rock band was founded in the city of Eskişehir in 2000. Despite only having released 2 albums, Gevende remains a very popular band in Turkey, and has grown particularly famous for their live performances. Since 2006, they have played internationally in South Asia, Europe and Iran and performed at several music festivals.

Make sure to listen to this single from their first album, Ev.