Starbucks is probably the single most famous American coffee shop in the world. We all know the menu by heart, from the autumn pumpkin spiced lattes to the summery frappuccinos. But what do Starbucks and their familiar drinks look like in the Middle East?

Starbucks exists in all the following MENA countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar. And because of the great diversity of these countries, Starbucks and its coffee looks and is consumed very differently across the region. Take a look at some of these Starbucks shops (and coffee drinking hands)!


القهوة رفيقة دربي شكراً لمشاركتك @ladydory__

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PS… Have you seen their special cups, designed for and used on the national/independence day of each country? Take a look at these examples.


Bonus: Chennai, India