If you are even half of the food enthusiast that I am, then you will LOVE this series of short videos on Tehran by VICE’s digital video food channel, Munchies. Because let’s be real – what better way could there possibly be to explore a new city, than through its food and delicacies?

Munchies Guide to Tehran is split into 3 short episode of about 10 minutes, each depicting a particular part of the food scene in the city. Here’s a breakdown of each of the episodes (all available on Munchie’s YouTube channel).

Episode One

In episode one, we get to explore the Grand Bazaar and all that it has to offer a hungry visitor’s stomach. Longing for some dried fruits and nuts? The best tahchin in town? Then this is the place for you!


Episode Two

In episode two, we get to join in on a hunt for the best koobideh, koofteh and teahouses in Tehran. Explore the traditions behind the famous dishes and drinks at Nayeb Restaurant and Baghe Saba Teahouse, and prepare to be mesmerized by the architecture surrounding them.


Episode Three

In episode three, we get to learn more about the famous “black gold,” or caviar, of Iran’s Beluga fish. Munchies visits Shilat Fish Farm, located between Qom and Tehran, which was the first Iranian fish farm to farm fish and export caviar to European countries like France and Italy.


If this guide doesn’t tempt your stomach to travel to Iran, then I don’t know what will! Time to bring out your forks and spoons and travel in the footsteps of Munchies.