I just came back from a trip to Iran, and was mesmerized by almost everything that I saw (yes, I was that tourist taking photos of trash cans. They are very colorful in Iran, okay?!) and experienced. Many blog posts and galleries are underway, detailing my fascination for the food, fruits, colors, walls, sites, nature (and so on) of Iran. But what fascinated me more than any of these other topics were the decorative tiles – and they therefore seem like a good place to begin the tales of my trip.

Because in Iran, you will find tiles literally everywhere. Decorating mosques, parks, subway stations, and random shop corners. All the colors (read: all the blue)! All the beautiful colors that light up the otherwise grey walls around them. Blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Bright colors that can be spotted from across the hustling and bustling streets, and that can motivate even the most fainthearted tourist to sprint through the ocean of honking cars to get a closer look (and maybe a selfie or two). I found myself unable to put down my camera for fear of missing out on a prime tile moment, and definitely annoyed my friends more than once with my constant stopping and sprinting!

I would recommend anyone a trip to Iran JUST to see and admire the tiles. Photos cannot do them justice, but here we go.


All photos taken by me on an iPhone.