After spending all those weeks surrounded by delicious dishes in Iran, my normal Swedish-American-Indian diet no longer feels particularly exciting. So I searched the internet for Iranian food inspiration, and found some very tempting videos.

I love Ariana Bundy’s cooking show, so one of her videos will have to go first! Check out her recipe for the very traditional Iranian pomegranate and ground walnut stew, fesenjan (fesenjoon). This dish is traditionally eaten as a part of the feast during Shab-e Yalda, the Iranian winter-solstice festival, but is also served at other festive occasions. It can be cooked with a variety of meats: duck (the traditional choice), chicken (the most common contemporary choice), meatballs or lamb. My personal favorite: chicken. Serve this dish with buttered Persian rice and bread, yum!


PS. Did you know that this dish is also popular in Iraq and Azerbaijan?