If you’re not able to travel, then listening to first-hand stories and looking at colorful photos are the next best thing.  And where better to combine these two, than in a video? Here are three short films on Istanbul, Iran and Tamil Nadu by the very talented Stanislas Giroux, a video maker and culture explorer from Nancy, France. I love the aesthetics and music in his videos, and most of all, the messages behind them. Take a look!

Long Story Short: Istanbul

“Because you don’t need long holidays to enjoy a new culture.”


Curves of Iran

“Curves are everywhere in Eastern culture: our writing, our architecture, our instruments, the way we dance; even the tone of our language is curved. The West was built on angles. The East was built on curves.”


Indian Point of View – Tamil Nadu

“India is amazing.”


BONUS VIDEO (because it’s too cool to be excluded)

Seat 22 – Trans-Siberian Odyssey