I am in total travel mode these days, and get super excited about all the inspiring videos that I come across. I love watching videos that make you feel inspired to go places – it is such a relief compared to what we often come across in the media. This video is an absolute glorious portrayal of Istanbul, and captures what I believe to be the essence of the city. It is a fast-paced, crowded and slightly overwhelming city. But it is also a beautiful, colorful and eventful city.

Strolling across the Galata Bridge, you will find yourself surrounded by not only a few dozen chattering fishermen, but also by views of the red roofs that cover the houses on both the European and Asian sides of the city. This is a bridge between two continents.

In the buzzing Grand Bazar, where prices admittedly are always much higher than they should be, you will come across every artifact imaginable and in every possible color – and lots of yelling men. Yelling about the ongoing backgammon game, that is.

You will spot the hundreds and hundreds of jellyfish and seagulls during the magnificent boat rides, and perhaps even get to see the city in the pink light that swallows it at dusk. And while looking out from the Galata Tower at night, you can hardly tear your eyes away from the lit minarets, standing tall and pointy over the rest of the city.

Istanbul is not, and could never be, anything but mesmerizing.