If you’re like me and completely obsessed with chocolate, then you will love this chocolatier in Beirut, Lebanon.

Founded in and loved since 1994, Elsa Chocolate is one of the most famous chocolate shops in Beirut. It is a family business, owned by the Karout family, and produces speciality chocolates and truffles. PLUS, they produce chocolate for all special occasions! Weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays… You name it, they produce it.

Here are some samples from their Valentine’s Day collection:



And just a couple from their everyday chocolate products (because deliciousness all year round):


Elsa Chocolate recently opened a new boutique in Kantari, southern Beirut, and hope to open many more shops around Lebanon over the coming years. Their Belgian chocolate is already exported to countries around the Middle East.

They are super active on social media, so make sure to follow their goodness on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Cover photo from their up-coming website.