If you’re longing for warm colors, mesmerizing sights and some travel inspiration, then make sure you don’t miss this incredible video by Cedric Riveau. “‘Colours of Egypt’ is a remembrance of my trip to this amazing country,” Riveau writes.

“I went to Egypt from 24th December 2013 to 5th January 2014 and experienced one of the major journey in my life so far. It is a pity that tourists stopped going there. In Luxor, Karnak and the valley of the kings were absolutely mind blowing!”


The clips featured in the video were shot in: “Cairo (Khan El-Khalili, several main streets and Old Cairo, markets), Luxor (Karnak, Ramesseum, streets, soccer team), Ed-fu (market), Kom-Ombo (temple), Memphis (hieroglyphs), Dahshur and Giza (pyramids, sphinx, desert), Medinet Habu (temple), Aswan (the Nile).”

Absolutely loved this video!

Cover photo from the video, “Colours of Egypt”.