Happy late Nowruz to all those who celebrated! Whether you celebrated in Iran, Sweden, the US, or India, I hope that you’ve had a nice start to the beginning of this Persian New Year. Nowruz is officially celebrated in 17 countries around the world (Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Georgia, Kurdistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), but in today’s global world, also by people around Europe and the US.

Here is a small sample of Nowruz traditions, explained through short videos and pictures!

Although all countries celebrate Nowruz in their own unique ways, they all have some things in common:

– Nowruz symbolizes the start of the new year and the beginning of Spring

– It requires a thorough spring cleaning of the house

– It is usually celebrated with family gatherings, and of course, with food. Although the food traditions differ from country to country, some version of haft seen (the symbolic placement of 7 items on the dinner table) is common

– Eggs always play a role – whether its for painting, or eating


1. Iran’s Nowruz traditions explained:


And celebrated in Tehran!


2. Animation of haft seen!


3. Decorations around Tehran in honor of Nowruz:



Learn more about the Nowruz festivals and celebrations in Baku and around the country:



Learn more about Haft Mewa:

#nowruz # newyear #afghan #march21 #celebrate #spring #haftmiwa #7driedfruit #walnut #almond #pistachios #raisins #apricot #gholing #senjet #delicious #yummy #custom #culture OMG can't wait for (New year) Naow-roz barkhair Nowroz is celebrated widely in Afghanistan..Haft Mēwa (Afghanistanهفت میوه‎): In Afghanistan, people prepare Haft Mēwa (literally translates as Seven Fruits) instead of Haft Sin which is common in Iran. Haft Mewa is like a Fruit salad made from 7 different Dried fruits, served in their own syrup. The 7 dried fruits are: Raisin, Senjed (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree), Pistachio, Hazelnut, Prune (dry fruit of Apricot), Walnut and whether Almond or another species of Plum fruit.🎇🎉🌑❤💚

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1. Navroz-decorated egg art

#EggTapestry Navroz Mubarak to all of you lovely people! Navroz is an occasion celebrated all around the world to welcome spring. Each year on this day, we paint eggs which are used as a symbol for new life. This time I decided to illustrate spring as I see it in the shape of eggs. I have a couple of egg illustrations made to welcome spring my own way which I will be posting soon. How are you celebrating your navroz? 🌻🌾☀️🎉🎈 . . . . #nowruz #navroz #easter #spring #story #scenery #newyear #parsi #welcomespring #navrozmubarak #eggart #bestvector #vectorillustration #creativecloud #iconaday #illustrator #thedesigntip #picame #thegoodtype #agameoftones #graphicdesigncentral #doodle #illustrationoftheday #pirategraphic #designinspiration #gdblog #DawnWeeklyProject #dsgnfbrc #dflowres

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2. A display of a Parsi Jamshed Navroz table in New Delhi:


Disclaimer: This is just a tiny sample – there are many more exciting Nowruz traditions to explore out there, and plenty of videos and pictures to guide you through it! A little search on Instagram our YouTube might just let you find a cultural treasure 🙂


Cover photo by kajarstudios.