It seems like only yesterday that I was traveling around the exciting landscapes of Iran. But the reality is that it has already been 6 months since I came back! Because of the persistence of the cold weather in Sweden this spring, I have been thinking a lot about the trips that I took to the mountains of Iran. Those sudden escapes from 27 degrees (Celsius) and balmy sun to snowy and cloud-covered mountain tops. Here are some of my memories from those trips!

Imamzadeh Dawood

My trip to this little village haven, located in the mountains just above Tehran, was both spontaneous and quite adventurous. After my friend got bored of the city streets of Tehran, we simply decided to hop in a taxi and make our way up to this local tourist spot. Known for its mausoleum and shrine of Davood-ebne Emad, this village attracts large numbers of pilgrims from across the country during the summer. When we visited, however, the village was close to empty. It was of course early November, and the mountain was covered in snow-filled clouds – not exactly prime weather for a hike in the mountains. But we went anyway, and I am happy that we did!

The way up to the village was quite long and filled with quick turns around the mountain – not a good drive for the faint of heart or a sensitive stomach. But at the same time, just as beautiful and majestic as the mountainous roads in Iran tend to be.


Once we arrived, we decided to get a room in a guest house to warm ourselves with some cups of tea (and to have a toilet at our disposal). It was a cold yet very cozy room, with a little kitchen, tv, toilet and bed. We sat on the rug and warmed ourselves with plastic cups of tea (expensive and not of very good quality, unfortunately. We seemed to have fallen into a classic tourist trap) and by the little electrical heater. It was snowing and very foggy outside, and we were hoping to wait it out inside before beginning our hike.


Eventually, we realized that the weather wasn’t planning to clear up anytime soon, so we set off on our hike.


There was no particular path ahead of us, so we simply walked along the stream, and followed it up the pebble-covered mountain side. It was a bit of a tricky hike, as we were not dressed for snow or in shoes that were great for climbing on sharp pebbles (there were definitely a few slips and slides along the way), but the little waterfalls and nature around us definitely made up for it! I loved the contrast of the water, black rocks and green and yellow vegetation.


Because neither of us were familiar with the area, we decided to head back before it got dark. Or maybe we just decided to head back because we had smelled something delicious on our way past the village before our hike! Either way, we decided to head back after just 2 hours of hiking around this beautiful area. There was only one restaurant in the village, so the choice was easy. And the choice of food was even easier! Freshly grilled mixed meat kebabs with heaps of rice (covered in butter, yum!), dogh, and bread. Probably the best meal I’ve ever had!


We headed home slightly cold, but with happy stomachs and plenty of good hiking memories. Definitely recommend a short day-trip to this village if you are ever in the area! But! Remember that if you have not brought your own car, it will be difficult to find a ride back at night. We were fortunate enough to find another restaurant guest (there were two besides ourselves), who was willing to drive us back. And although the cold and foggy weather created a very mysterious and interesting atmosphere, I would recommend going on a clear day.



All pictures taken by me and my friend.