Back to the mountains we go! And this time to Gilan Province, in northwestern Iran. This is where I went on a road trip with two of my friends, and where we decided to visit the popular Iranian tourist spot and gem, Masouleh.


As much as I loved our visit to the mountain village above Tehran, there is no comparing it to the beauty or surroundings of Masouleh. Placed on the side of tree and snow-covered mountains and between two small waterfalls, Masouleh is a real treat for a tourist. And it was definitely more crowded than Imamzadeh Dawood (where there was, in fact, almost no one).

But as it is with mountain villages, the way there is both beautiful and a bit too crooked for someone like me. I survived only with a few stops along the way. But who could complain, when the stops involved such breathtaking views!


And the village itself just as breathtaking! Masouleh has quite a few little shops – pricey of course, as it is a tourist destination, but filled with interesting local artifacts. Since I enjoy buying strange gifts, I found a blue cow bell for my grandma.


There is also a cozy cafe (with an amazing view!), a photography studio for tourists who want to dress up in traditional clothes and take photos (not for me), plenty of pomegranate trees, and of course, the waterfalls.


And the views on all sides were just fantastic! Snow-covered mountains, green fields and yellow houses – incredible!


Masouleh was by far my favorite spot in all of Iran. The village might be a little touristy, but there’s a very cozy and homey atmosphere about it that you just don’t find in many other places. I loved the cute houses, the views, the fresh mountain air, and the waterfalls. I would absolutely go back if I got the chance!


All photos taken by my friends and I.