If I could choose to live my life eating just one kind of food, I would choose Indian. I love the sauces, the spices, paneer, tikkas, rajma, dosa… Just thinking about the dishes makes my mouth water! Given my passion for Indian food (all food really), it is perhaps not very surprising that my whole Instagram feed is filled with food accounts that share all that is great about Indian cuisine. Here are some that are definitely worth checking out!


For mouth watering pictures from restaurants all over India


For lots of naan and fun dishes from most corners of India


For all things tasty in Mumbai


For glorious food in Delhi


For treats in Bangalore


For taste explosions in any city that starts with B 


And a bonus because CHOCOLATE :O 



Do note that all these accounts have ALL kinds of delicious foods – not just Indian! Scroll through their accounts and enjoy 😀


Cover photo from taste_of_india_.