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Relishing and zesting the beauty of cultures in the Middle East and South Asia.

A food tour of Beirut? Yes please!

I would love to spend my life traveling from country to country and just spend every day trying different foods. What a life that would be! And if I were to set off on a food trip around the world, Beirut would definitely be one of my first stops. I love cosmopolitan and seaside cities, and let’s just admit it – Beirut is definitely one of the biggest food capitals in the Middle East. Check out this video to get a sample of what the city has to offer!

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Monday Mixtape: Egyptian Indie songs

It’s sleepy Monday time again! Get through the day with these inspirational and catchy Egyptian Indie songs.

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Wandering around the streets of Karaköy, Istanbul (photos)

Here are some pictures from when I stumbled into this little area in Karaköy last summer. This is definitely my favorite part of Istanbul – cozy cafes, bars and restaurants, with colorful chairs, tiles and painted walls. And of course, light bulbs hanging from the vines over the streets. The crowd is young and very hipster. There’s even a Breaking Bad cafe! What’s not to love?!

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Traveling around the mountains of Iran, Part 2: Masouleh

Back to the mountains we go! And this time to Gilan Province, in northwestern Iran. This is where I went on a road trip with two of my friends, and where we decided to visit the popular Iranian tourist spot and gem, Masouleh.

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Monday Mixtape: Jordanian songs

Because listening to music can improve any Monday, and these mixed Jordanian tunes are just a little extra swingy.

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Traveling around the mountains of Iran, Part 1: Imamzadeh Dawood

It seems like only yesterday that I was traveling around the exciting landscapes of Iran. But the reality is that it has already been 6 months since I came back! Because of the persistence of the cold weather in Sweden this spring, I have been thinking a lot about the trips that I took to the mountains of Iran. Those sudden escapes from 27 degrees (Celsius) and balmy sun to snowy and cloud-covered mountain tops. Here are some of my memories from those trips!

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Monday Mixtape: Bangladeshi songs

Because who wants to live a life without some Dhallywood and Dhaka-made hip hop songs?

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Learn a little bit about Filipino food

The Philippines may not be a South Asian or Middle Eastern country, but it’s a worthy guest on the blog! With diverse cultures and influences from across Asia and Europe (including Spain, India, Malaysia, and China), the Philippines is home to one of the most distinct cuisines in the world: the “Pinoy” or Filipino cuisine.

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Monday Mixtape: Pakistani pop songs

Need some music to help you through those Monday blues? Check out these Pakistani pop songs! You’ll soon find yourself humming along and mesmerized by the colorful music videos. Khuda hafez, Monday blues!

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