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In the mood for some Turkish (Instagram) food

If you’re anything like me, you love filling your Instagram feed with food accounts. Videos, photos, recipes – you name it. You watch a video, you click on the account, and suddenly… You’ve spent a whole hour just watching food videos! Well no need to search today, friends. Here are all the Turkish food videos that you need.

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Monsoons and chocolate in Mumbai (photos)

Summers in Mumbai can be all about the monsoons. Believe me, I would know. When I visited the city 4 years ago, that was about the first thing that happened to me! It came from nowhere, and left me completely drenched. But I didn’t mind at all – there’s something about the monsoon rains and their dark skies that I find poetic and almost a bit enchanting. Although I have to admit that I prefer to admire them from inside!

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A food tour of Beirut? Yes please!

I would love to spend my life traveling from country to country and just spend every day trying different foods. What a life that would be! And if I were to set off on a food trip around the world, Beirut would definitely be one of my first stops. I love cosmopolitan and seaside cities, and let’s just admit it – Beirut is definitely one of the biggest food capitals in the Middle East. Check out this video to get a sample of what the city has to offer!

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In spring, I crave Lebanese food

Spring has finally come to Stockholm, and all the sun and warmer temperatures have left me craving colorful and lighter food. Dishes that can be eaten as a picnic or a potluck on my balcony with friends. I am, of course, thinking about Lebanese food!

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Mandu, mantu, manti – the dumpling of the Silk Road

It is, of course, natural that as countries interact, they exchange traditions. But when I was doing research on Azerbaijani, Afghan, and Turkish cuisines, I was surprised to see the number of dishes that the countries still had in common – and most of all, that the similarities did not seem to be limited to their region. In fact, many of their local specialties seemed to exist in many countries across Asia! The most striking example was one of my all-time favorite dishes, the mantu (mandu, manti) dumpling, which once traveled with Afghan and Turkic people on the Silk Road from the Mongol Empire, and made its way into local cuisines across the whole continent.

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Algerian food (pictures)

Now that it is cold and dark outside, I can’t help but dream about comfort food. And why not make that comfort food Algerian? Nothing warms a frozen winter heart quite like berkoukes. Here are some Algerian and North African dishes to check out this winter!

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Learn how to make the Iranian pomegranate and walnut stew, fesenjan

After spending all those weeks surrounded by delicious dishes in Iran, my normal Swedish-American-Indian diet no longer feels particularly exciting. So I searched the internet for Iranian food inspiration, and found some very tempting videos.

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3 blogs to follow for Persian food lovers

They say that the way to any person’s heart is through their stomach, and let’s face it: every stomach loves Persian food.

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Bastani stop

When I studied in Italy, my art history teacher used to say “Basta stop”. Basta meaning stop in Italian.

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